Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Picasso Inspired Warm/Cool/Dr. Jekyl/Mr. Hyde Portraits

So in my new adventures in Fifth and Sixth Grade Art came with a skeleton of lesson plans from the retiring teacher.  They are good solid lessons, but I must add a few Mrs. Williams' touches.  Ms.  B did schedule a Picasso Self-Portrait using Sharpie Marker and Crayon.  I added the variables of divide into two different views - front and side.   One side should be warm colors, one side cool colors, but by day two we morphed into the two sides to everyone's personalities!  Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Ego and Alter-Ego, Happy/ Sad.  I asked everyone to show two sides of their personalities and the results were astonishing!  Oh and I used Oil Pastels which are so brilliant and wonderful!  Here are a few!  There are many more wonderful creations!

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